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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Andreas Moritz exposes what diabetes is and how to cure it

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Andreas points out in plain and simple english what diabetes is and how to simply cure it by going vegan:

Just as there is a way to become diabetic, there is a way to reverse it. The notion that diabetis is a disease, which implies that the body is making a mistake or is doing a poor job, is fundamentally false. The body is not out to destroy itself, nor does it find any pleasure in making its host feel miserable. Instead, the body tries all that it can to protect itself from further harm than what has been caused by inadequate nourishment and a detrimental lifestyle.

If the body's cells are running out of major nutients (proteins, sugar, fats) because there is not enough insulin available to transport them to the cells, it would make sense to the layperson and his doctor alike to inject insulin into the blood so that the insulin can resume this essential task and remove the sugar, fat and protein molecules from the blood. However, without asking why the body is being put into this akward position, just feeding it with insulin is not getting rid of the imbalance, but quite to the contrary, increase the risk of other calamities. The higher risks for heart disease, cancer, stroke, blindness and Alzheimer's, etc. among diabetics, etc. are widely known.

One of the misleading directions that diabetics have been given for decades is to reduce carbohydrates (and instead eat mostly proteins), since the sugars they contain would raise the blood sugar and endanger their lives. It is obvious that refined, manufactured carbohydrates affect everyone's health, not just diabetics. What the patients are not being told is that the amount of insulin needed for a piece of steak is way more than the amount needed to process 1/2 pound of pure White Sugar . Since the pancreas cells are uanble to come up with that amount of insulin (even in a healthy body), the unused protein ends up becoming deposited in the connective tissues, from where it is taken up by the basal membranes of the blood capillary walls. Eventually, the basal membranes have accumulated so much protein that, even simple sugars cannot be pass through them. Hence, they remain trapped in the blood.

The pancreas realizes this through intricate feedback mechanisms and cell enzyme messages. Putting more insulin in the blood at his stage would be suicidal, because too much insulin in the body causes cancer, especially pancreatic cancer and colon cancer. Consequently, the pancreas has to destroy or put to sleep a large number of its insulin-producing cells.

It is obvious, that this act of cancer-preventive self-preservation means that there is not enough insulin around to transport the sugar out of the blood stream. Doctors call this miraculous feat of survival a disease, and they continue to give their patients the advice to eat lots of protein foods. I have had insulin-dependent patients become vegan, and within less than 6 weeks show no more signs of diabetes, for the first time in 20 years.

Chronic disease is only chronic as long as its causes are still intact. Insulin injection is the very thing that keeps the patient from recovering. It forces the pancreas to destroy even more insulin-producing cells. There a plenty of natural things that can replace injection with insulin. Just one teaspoon of ground cinnamon per day can balance blood sugar. Tumeric is an amazing herb/spice with a simialr effect. Broccoli, and other vegetables have, as well as regular full body exposure to sunlight (vitamin D-generating) have superior blood sugar-regulating effects than insulin injections have.

Abstaining from proteins foods, cleansing the liver of stones ( Gallstones are another leading cause of diabetis, see details in The Amazing Liver Cleanse,, eating a balanced diet and living a balanced lifestyle (see The Key to Health and Rejuvenation, are much more effective means of restoring normal functions in the body than just trying to fix one symptom of disease and still not become healthy.

By taking responsibility for his own health, and therefore his life, he has the opportunity to put the sweetness back into his life, which he has lost so long ago. I am glad that you are also gifting him with my book Freedom from Judgment. He will learn how important it is fro his healing process to let go of the need for judgment in his life. I wish him the very best.


At 5:59 PM, Blogger AH said...

Does this theory apply to individuals with type 1 diabetes or just type 2 diabetes?

At 8:25 PM, Blogger Robert Peach said...

This is for type 2.

How to cure child type 1 diabetes?


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