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Saturday, October 28, 2006

FDA moves to ban the most effective diabetes supplements in the US Market

Unluckily for the ignorant Americans, their US FDA has moved to almost try to ban the most effective diabetes supplements in the US Market. Kevin Trudeau, Mike Adams, Dr Mercola and others are absolutely correct when they say that the US FDA's job is to protect the monopoly of the pharmaceutical industry. In this case, the diabetes industry.

This move means that alternative medicine against diabetes is effective and making big dents in the profit margins of the big pharmaceutical companies.

Check out the the US FDA diabetic supplements sweep announcement made last October 19, 2006.

The list of companies the FDA sent their warnings are here.

This means that these are the effective supplements against diabetes.

Of course people in my country think your US FDA is a bunch of lunatics. For example, one of the companies warned was merely selling bitter melon dried as tea or in capsules. Maybe your USFDA will start banning the growing and farming of bitter melons (mormordica charantia). Ridiculous!

Our doctors and healers here use bitter melons for many things:
- bitter melon leaves are juiced to disinfect wounds and infections
- bitter melon fruit is juiced for blood cleansing
- bitter melon fruit tea is wildly popular as a substitute expensive and cumbersome insulin

Other diabetes supplements are blends of other items: bitter melon, banaba, cinammon, zinc, etc. All natural, unpatentable stuff. Unprofitable for big multinationals. But good enough for efficient marketers where the efficacy is kept potent.

Ignorant US diabetics lose again. Poor people.


At 11:33 AM, Blogger jrkdyw said...


I took a dried Bitter Melon Supplement and it nearly KILLED me, I had to be rushed to the hospital for poisoning, it was the absolute worst day of my life and cost me a fortune in medical bills. I filed a complaint to the FDA on this product BECAUSE IT ALMOST KILLED ME. Get your head out of your butt-

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Walter Little said...

Bitter Melon, as with any supplement, is not going to KILL anyone - although it may be easy to make such an accusation. Often when a person starts taking supplements it often creates a 'detoxifying effect' in helping the body do what it was designed to do - get the toxins out of the body. Sometimes the effect of the detoxifying effect can release a surge of stored toxins that the body cannot get rid of it fast enough, especially if the normal avenues of expelling the toxins are clogged up, thus, one gets sick. This is why it is crucially important to be sure that the colon is clean and working smoothly and one drinks lots of water BEFORE starting any type of supplement that will cause the body to begin to detoxify. Therefore when one takes a supplement and it helps the body detoxify itself, which is good, then they cry 'bad supplement' when they get sick - is like accusing the maker of a quart of oil recently added to a car for locking up the engine, when the car has never had an oil change done in the last 20 years. It was NOT the supplement that made you sick, it was the stored toxins in your own body that were already there but being released that did it and I'd be taking bets at window 5 your colon is either constipated or at best very dirty to begin with. It may also been the effect of a pharmaceutical drug being taken during same time that the body did not like after receiving a healing boost in its designed function.
Hope that helps someone else not make that same mistake.

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