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Thursday, November 16, 2006

In the Philippines, we use Bitter Melon (Ampalaya) to control blood sugar levels

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I’m glad our country the Philippines has gotten the rest of your countries excited in the use of Virgin Coconut Oil for your health. I use vco for massage, detox against candida, supplement against constipation, deodorant, ear cleaner, make up remover, cooking oil, etc.

I would like to introduce our bitter melons, we call them “ampalaya”.

Bitter melons are usually cooked as a vegetable, by itself or with other vegetables. My grandmother and a friend swears this is their favorite vegetable, but more filipinos find the taste tolerably bitter. But we know it is good for us. It cleans our blood.

For all you juicing cowboys here, holistic doctors in my country routinely recommend juicing bitter melon fruit by itself or with other vegetables as a blood cleansing tonic.

Bitter melon is poor people’s insulin. Since pharmaceutical medicine is too expensive for poor filipinos, bitter melon is cheaper and readily available in our everyday market. You got that right, bitter melon is available all year round, everyday in our country. See how poor filipinos fight diabetes

So how about pharmaceutical style studies? Here is a blog with 200 studies in it about bitter melons…

What do I know?

Fresh bitter melon is best.
Lightly cooked bitter melon is next.
Dried bitter melon rehydrated as tea is next.
Bitter melon tea is next.
Bitter melon capsules next.

What do I think?

Fresh bitter melon is one of our most nutritious vegetables.
I think the blood cleansing works.
I think the blood sugar lowering works.
I think this is good to keep your doctor from pumping you with bovine insulin.

Bitter melon is not the only food around so do not forget to eat the other good vegetables.

Follow the other websites and books that have well defined and made easy to follow guides to cure diabetes: Andreas Moritz , Mike Adams, DeWayne, etc.

Use bitter melon to keep your blood sugar at normal levels so your doctor and your family will stop pestering you with bovine insulin injections which andreas moritz rightly identifies as dangerous.

See how bitter melons look like

If anyone requests, I’ll take some pictures of what our bitter melons look like in our markets in the village.


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